Inside my chest

from SOL by Joan Baró



You've always been the perfect one
the world wanted you to be a clone
to grow, to work, to buy, to pay a lot
to fear, to vote, to smile, to be forgot

But there's an itch, that you can't scratch
has life a purpose other than watch?
if so, what are we doing with our time?
are all our dreams of childhood left behind?

Am I special in all the world?
and should I deserve the best?
do I feel the beating inside my chest?

You realize you're still the child
and all your dreams are so alive
but you never dared to listen to yourself
cause your hopes and passions hurted, when you delved.

Today you feel your heart is strong
you fear no more, you can sing the song
and everything you wished will follow you
even when it seems there's no way through

Happiness is not a place
but a path you can embrace
I know I'll find you there, someday.


from SOL, track released April 16, 2014




Joan Baró Lleida, Spain

Musical Storyteller. Contacontes Musical.

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